Amiana Resort, Nha Trang【4K】SURPRISING 5-Star Resort Review

Nha Trang is a 5-Star Luxury Resort on the northern edge of town. Could it be the most underrated resort in Nha Trang? We will show you an Ocean Villa as well as all of the beautiful common areas- including a 2500sqm salt water pool, private beach and more! Take a look at our video to see if might (or might not) be the right choice for your next trip!

– – – – -Video Contents & Chapters- – – – –
0:00 Introduction
00:52 Driving to Resort
01:13 Exterior
01:45 Lobby
03:14 Outdoor Walkaround
04:19 Beach & Adult Pool Overview
05:13 Salt Water Pool
06:18 Family Fresh Water Pool
07:44 Private Beach
08:54 Adult Fresh Water Pool & Bar
10:30 Spa & Mud Baths
11:26 Drive to Ocean Villa
11:55 Ocean Villa Tour
16:40 Room Service
17:17 Dinner
18:00 Sunrise
18:35 Grounds Tour
20:00 Breakfast & Restaurant
24:19 Final Thoughts & Flip Flop Score

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Note: This is not a promotional video. All accommodation and food were paid for at publicly available prices, out of pocket.

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Tiêu đề video: Amiana Resort, Nha Trang【4K】SURPRISING 5-Star Resort Review

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  1. Amiana resot quá đẹp 😍

  2. Long Nguyen Food and Travel

    Wow! i watched almost all your videoes, or those that u talks on, those that u dont talk on i always fell to sleep haha (sorrrry). Mango Bay Resort and Amiana Resort was my favorite!!! I watched it a few times allready 😀 Never been in Vietnam, is on the list for my next travel! Very nice, relaxing and informative videoes <3 Feels like im there with u sometimes! Keep up the good work! And pls more videoes where u speaking, u got a very calm and relaxing voice <3

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