Journey to Dalat + Food Reviews + Hotel Review

The bus ride to . A little motorbike action. And some food reviews! Happy Holidays!

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Tiêu đề video: Journey to Dalat + Food Reviews +

Độ dài: 00:18:32, Ngày đăng: 2019-12-25 09:59:42

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  1. pastry is more familiar so it tastes better.

  2. Did you a heck out the Local Night Club Guys

  3. I had the same problem on the bus I think it was a Phuong Tran (orange bus) and I am 189cms (6ft 2) could not stretch out and also made the mistake of sitting right at the back too, but we travelled from Saigon to Nha Trang so a bit longer than Dalat.

  4. Hahah my reaction to banh canh too, every time!

  5. Petar Dambovaliev

    Vietnam is great. However, food-wise, it can't hold a candle to Thailand.

  6. Bro your reaction to the banh canh 😂😂😂 fuck me dead this is gold

  7. Pork feet soup, suppose to taste funky. But it is good for skin.

  8. I know you have to be Honest…and the Food may Taste bad…but out of Respect for win win Do not say…" It taste like Shit " when she is Eating.

  9. I chose the back of the Bus because its the Safest

  10. You may want to think about another way of making a living….

  11. no red lights in da lat.

  12. Andrew D. Blanford

    Hilarious! Vietnam. Love Bun Bo Huê!

  13. When I went to Da Lat in 2005, It was JUST a bus LoL

  14. Pho Ninh (ducksauce) or Pho Diep(sea food), which Dalat version is better??

  15. Is it that expensive? To rent and have a fruit stall, buy and sell from Mekongnians?

  16. You too seem to always be having fun together , good content as littlewb saides, niceeeee.

  17. You guys make a cute couple. Yummy! I love Vietnamese food.

  18. Exploration Taiwan

    If you plan on permanently living in Vietnam, you should try learning the language , speaking & writing fluently! You’ll never have to depend on your girlfriend for anything!

  19. Banh canh uses udon noodles. Maybe you had a bad bowl. But it’s really a good dish. The broth should be great.

  20. @de_nuts_zero_fuke77

    Is better then greyhounds bus 😆. Bro most Vietnamese in the motherland can’t handle the truth.. about the foods man. 😭 People in Vietnam all way say or think we eat can good food and frozen foods in America😆.

  21. LOL! Good to see an honest food review! And love the interaction with Win Win.

  22. I always choose the very back of the bus, because I can stretch my legs all the way out

  23. Xao! Lmao. Win Win is awesome!

  24. Can you do a video on a hike in Vietnam. I’m from Hawaii and want to see some hikes in Vietnam

  25. Thanks for the videos. Awesome

  26. I think she meant soybean milk that you are drinking

  27. I try it before never like it. My mom made that same thing as you are eating. I agree with you it is not a pleasant taste at all. I mostly prefer pho anytime then that soap.

  28. The pink mask 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. You want bùm bum bùi viện

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