I rode first class on the world’s best overnight ! This travel experience was definitely , and even compared to some of the other most well known trains of the Indian pacific, Orient Express, Caledonian express and the Japanese bullet train this one was the definitely the best! From the food to luxurious amenities (caviar level), this first class / overnight train / hotel on wheels was incredible!

APPLY FOR THE WORLD’S BEST JOB HERE (aka my editor haha):

This transportation was such a unique travel experience and full on luxury experience! The first class train cabin had many pod like rooms for passengers to feel like they were in hotel on wheels or luxurious capsule hotel! Enjoy this overnight train ride of a lifetime!


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FIRST CLASS on THE BEST TRAIN in JAPAN (Overnight to Tokyo)!



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Currently I am on a challenge to live and do coolest adventures. Watch them in order if you want to keep up with the continuous adventures on how we got to this first class airplane seat video!

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Tiêu đề video: WORLD’S BEST FIRST CLASS OVERNIGHT TRAIN (5-Star Hotel On Wheels)!

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  1. Really love how you appreciate things

  2. Aleksander Johannesen

    Thank you for an relaxing positive video, A+

  3. The TV is so old its kinda funny compared to how good everything else is.

  4. I hope you enjoyed south Africa I honestly can't believe that train is in South africa

  5. $NighcoreLegend$

    quick tip about the order of silverwares etc , its not 100% accurated but my mom is a chef and she thought me this , doesnt matter how many are there on the tabble , if the meal is well organized usualy its allways from outside to the inside , so you allways grab the ones that are the farthest appart from the plate .

  6. I wish this was my life except I’m staying at the trains and hotels and planes with somebody i actually love 🙂

  7. Farzad Soleimani

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    I need you your help stop stop 🛑 get it back soon 🔜 I need you too yea I don’t want you too much you need yes I’ll understand up up

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    Bobby on your had
    Reply stop stop to stop stop call me later I’ll call you back I’ll you you

  10. This would be so amazing if you were high lmaoo

  11. U didn’t show the secret room from the begging

  12. ayo only fans? send link for research purpose

  13. He probably finished Harry Potter just by flying in planes and riding int trains 😂

  14. Bobby says “hotel on wheels” but it’s called “hotel on tracks” but the video is sill good

  15. I can tell this guy loves Harry Potter

  16. Wow bobby what's your onlyfans account name

  17. Nathan.nazarenko

    i love his reactions, like his sooooo excited, i too would be like that

  18. I still remember the japan videos

  19. This was absolutely beautiful!!!

  20. Literally, this is like literally officially the literal office. Like officially this is freaking literally official.

  21. Rebecca McCready

    I know want to do for my big birthday 😍

  22. Rixos was higher than 122.00 you got a deal!

  23. Bobby's legit thing is trying to fit wherever you see space 😂😂😂😂

  24. i swear bobby really likes harry potter

  25. may i know where and how much this is to travel please i really wanna go?

  26. This is a 5 Star Train, sure there is Lindt chocolate:)

  27. God 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Bless you 💕🙏👍 Soo much, I never heard this kind of train excited before. Thank so much for sharing this video. I believe of some of your videos I seen, I love 💕💖 and like this one the most. I hope Jesuschrist 🙏🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟🌟💐🌻🌟🌟🌻blessed you a lot 🙏 for sharing this amazing 🤩👍 videos.

  28. VErik Pettersson

    what was the total price of this trip

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