This is the world’s cheapest 5-star Vs. the most expensive 5-star hotel! Enjoy this hotel tour and cheap vs expensive challenge to see who has the world’s best 5-star hotel! Throughout this video we compare cheap vs expensive 5-star hotels from the world’s cheapest 5-star hotel to the most expensive 5-star hotel to overnight in the world’s oldest underwater hotel to capsule hotels to many more!

Also during this travel / hotel review we enjoy all the amenities of the hotels from vending machines, to room service burgers, to even the option to order mr beast ! Enjoy this cheap vs expensive and hotel video!

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Hotels: Andamantra Resort, Jumbo Stay, Attrap’rêves, ICEHOTEL, Faralda Hotel, Soneva Jani / Fushi & Emirates Palace

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Tiêu đề video: WORLD’S CHEAPEST Vs. MOST EXPENSIVE 5-STAR HOTEL ($16 vs $129,000)!

Độ dài: 00:11:03, Ngày đăng: 2021-12-18 05:03:16

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  1. I wish i had money like That

  2. Sombody is in the background

  3. Muffin Apocalypse

    The Sandy’s house one is basically you begging to be robbed

  4. My favorite is the star hotel which I can make a ride based on my stories, and animated films, to ride and I will Call it my masterpiece… “The Dark Palace Of Queen Maleiza!” Get any ideas from beauty and the beast, tower of terror from Tokyo Disney C American waterfront, Alice in wonderland Tim Burton version, and Victorian historic palaces and mansions. It takes place in 1845 the queen lioness has a collection of treasures the king has decorated around his home. She will become a treasure hunter just like her husband.

  5. I went to the beach mansion

  6. This is crazy how this guy traveled the world of buying hotels in crazy places put so much effort in and we get it in a short 15 minute free video this guy needs a $1 million

  7. 🌸Itz.your.cheer.girl🌸

    In the second one the Guy behind you. Is creepy

  8. The ice hotel is literally the coolest hotel

  9. Number 2 is literally the place from hitman

  10. This is not appropriate for kids I am shutting you down if you keep saying wolf skin

  11. Dzama Dzama_Llama

    Jesus loves y’all

  12. TheLordOfFreeRussus

    That breakfast at the $126K is still a lesser amount than traditional Kazakh dinner feasts lmol

  13. I like seeing you with your lady 😄

  14. I’ve been to 1 of these places it’s my fav

  15. Henrique Henriques

    Bobby, how rich are you?
    Bobby: yes

  16. Is the ice hotel in quebec

  17. David Plays Games

    Pretty sure you already did the beach mansion one, I've already seen you playing hide and seek in it.

  18. David Plays Games

    Ok the crane one would give me a panic attack.

  19. David Plays Games

    My anxiety would not let me sleep in the bubble room.

  20. Can you, yourself fly they first "hotel"

  21. 4:43 isn’t that reindeer? Or am I mistaken?

  22. Bro how much money 💰 🤑 💸 u have

  23. yup the first hotel is what our fatneek stayed at AKA ksi

  24. Young Dagger dick

    Hotbox the bubble now

  25. Benjamin Wingestad

    thats norway bro XD yay

  26. 4:38 never ever do tht wave again if you arent you looked ma g*y not saying its something wrong with being g*y but…….. just dont do tht wave again. p.s i support the lgbtq+ community 100%

  27. We all know the aeroplane hotel 😂

  28. TheBedroomBotanist

    I’m new to these videos but damn how do y’all afford to do these things because I want in

  29. Bruh you didnt show morning and night, food etc

  30. in turkey we have in Kayseri a plane thats a hotel/restaurant same with Amsterdam schiphol in the netherlands

  31. the amount of times he says i have ever see

  32. 16 FOR THAT CHEAP HOTEL?! that’s my favourite right there

  33. Please who the heck was behind the bubble

  34. Carrasco Productions Shorts

    I love how Noone talk about the guy in the bubble hotel who was that

  35. Spends $100k on a room and gets excited for free breakfast Lol I'll never make $100k in my life I'm so jealous lol

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